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Why hire a professional window cleaner?

It is imperative to hire a qualified window cleaner that knows windows and knows glass. Obviously, a good bit of liability lies in the fact that glass can be scratched. What most people do not know is that clean razors WILL NOT scratch glass. It is actually the quality of glass that creates this potential. The quality of glass is created in the manufacturing of the glass. Glass can actually have tiny particles of glass, called “fines” melted into the glass surface during processing. These “fines” can become lodged into the edge of a razor during cleaning. It is these glass particles that cause the scratching and is essentially glass scratching glass. It is even more disheartening to see good quality glass that has been scratched by someone that brought a dirty razor to the home from a previous house. See my links tab for more information.


I have a business license registered with Augusta County, Virginia. I carry it with me so do not hesitate to ask to see it.


I have liability insurance and upon request, a copy of my policy can be mailed or emailed to you directly from my insurance company.


I was trained by a professional window cleaner that has been cleaning windows for 20 years. I trained for six months in the traditional method before starting my business in 2012.


The majority of my window cleaning uses the traditional method of applying solution to the window, scrubbing the glass, squeegeeing the window, and lastly, detail drying the edges. With this process, the window frame and sill get wiped down as well. If the window functions in a way that allows me to wipe between the sashes, this too will get cleaned. There are additions to this process that may be necessary to get the window properly cleaned such as, razoring the glass, vacuuming the sills, ball brushing the frames.


I have always worked in service type jobs. I know that service is synonymous with customer satisfaction. I am building my company mainly on "word-of-mouth" referrals. Not only do I believe that this is the best form of advertisement, but it proves that I value my clients, and customer relations. Be sure and know that I want you 100% satisfied with my work.


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