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It is actually very difficult for me to give you accurate window cleaning prices online or over the phone as every house is different. If you do a search for window cleaning prices, you can see that some do give online prices, but I have found that I can’t be fair to you, and give you an accurate price when I do that. I also want to see the condition of the windows and glass for any potential problems. It also gives you a chance to ask me any questions.

My window cleaning prices are calculated on:

  • Number of windows, doors, and screens
  • Condition/Functionality (i.e. painted shut, broken sashes, bad glazing, etc.)
  • Window size
  • Accessibility to the windows (i.e. which floor, and difficulty to reach, landscaping, etc.)

So for instance, a 3 bedroom ranch home that has plain double hung glass windows will be cheaper than a 3 bedroom two story house with divided pane windows and storm panels. I have to calculate the time and difficulty of each house individually to give you a fair and honest price. There are also so many different styles of houses, layouts, individual house issues etc. in this part of the country, that I couldn’t possibly give you an accurate price without coming and having a look myself – sorry.

The good news is that I am happy to come and give you a free, “no obligation” estimate, to within 30 miles of my home in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Just call or email, and we will work out a time that works for both of us – thank you.


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